We are  mom and dad of two boys, 2 and 4 years old,and we are working like all other parents to give them the best in life. The idea behind this blog is a series of different information that we collected for our own children, which help us better and easier to overcome the everyday problems of parenthood in the modern world.

A parent in the 21st century? It’s a real challenge. Keeping a normal life, now it sounds almost like some phrase, because “normal” has too many tails. A compliant life, in the era of technology is much easier, but that does not mean that all the information we find on the Internet always accurately categorized or complete. The experience we have as young parents. now we want to share with you so that if you want, you would have benefited from our experience. We passed as mom and dad a lot of things with our children, just like you, but our desire for information from the domain of parenting is constantly growing, that’s one of the reasons why we decided for this blog.





My name is Helen and my husband is Zoran. We both have great passion for writing, photography, decorating the space and of course above all, great love for children. My husband love pets, fashion and electronics, while I am obsessed with preparing delicious meals for my family and I simply admire household appliances that help me in everyday life. So we came up with the idea to make Top Family Reviews dedicated to all the things we love and use in everyday. Also this is a place where you can find a lot of useful information from the health of you and your children all the way to fashion and technology.

Is our opinion relevant to you? Whether it is or it is not, you choose the items or information you want to have in your life experience. We are here to help you in your selection of information, and make your choice more simple and more comfortable.

As a base for reviewing many products on the blog, we selected Amazon as the world’s largest online retailer. For the product which we review, you always have a link through which you can directly get to the page of the product itself on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk and read more about him.

An impartial review of products, its ratings or the place we assign him,is based not only on our experience as parents and consumers, but also on the comments of tens of thousands of people who share their own impressions about it. We want you to actively participate in sharing your experiences with the products we publish and leave your opinion that other people might have a clearer picture of the product.




We hope that you will enjoy in our blog and 
 find  all the information or products you need.

We apologize in advance if there are grammatical errors in our texts because English is not our mother language . We will try to correct these errors, but in the end, each of our posts can greatly help you solve problem or dilemma that you have.

Top Family Reviews Team 🙂


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