Butcher's Kitchen Impressor Plus+ BK002 Three In One Multi Function Meat Preparation Tool
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Three In One Multi Function Meat Preparation Tool


Professional grade Multi function meat preparation tool of iron clad quality, ergonomically shaped and beautifully designed. Comes with interchangeable handle, piercing blades, smooth & course pounder, storage base and use & care booklet.



Multi-Function Meat Preparation Tool

Save Time

Thin blades slice pathways through the food, enabling spices and marinades to soak in quickly throughout to cut marinating time down to minutes instead of hours.



Enhance Taste

Marinades thoroughly penetrate the meat fibers to create richer flavor as they are rapidly drawn into the center of the cut.

Improve Tenderness

The thin blades slice through connective tissue responsible for toughness, tenderizing meat in the method used in professional kitchens.



Impressor Plus+



60 stainless steel blades.Dishwasher-safe.Quickly marinate meats and vegetables.Cut down cooking time by 40%.Tenderize even the toughest cuts of meat.Crisp poultry skin.

Smooth Pounder



A traditional smooth pounding surface.Flatten meat or poultry into even cutlets.Crack crab shells.Crush whole cloves of garlic, coarse seasonings, nuts, bread crumbs, or graham crackers.

Medium Course Pounder



Tenderize steaks, chops, and thinner cuts of meat.Add texture for improved breading and flouring.Infuse foods with seasoning flavors.Pound abalone and calamari.
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