Mule Science Moscow Mule Copper Mugs
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Mule Science Moscow Mule Copper Mugs


Moscow Mule Copper Mugs – Each mug is designed to ensure that you have a perfect drinking experience. The 16 ounce size is exactly right for ingredients plus a few cubes of ice. Pure copper mugs bring out the perfect balanced flavor of the alcohol, ginger beer and lemon in your drink. Finally, the lip of the mug is the right thickness and to allow for the drink to gently flow into your mouth.Combining traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, each mug is handcrafted from solid copper by an experienced coppersmith. Well, this is maybe a perfect gift for you.


Premium home bar addition



Add a classic touch to your mini-bar at home. Shiny copper mugs sit well with your beloved wine bottles and glassware. Easy to maintain due to the food grade lacquer coating. Your mugs will retain their shine for years to come.


A perfect gift for many occasions



Everyone loves a set of these gorgeous copper mugs as a gift. Perfect for weddings and anniversaries and assured to be the most sought after gift during Christmas. These mugs will be a treasured gift and remind them of you at their happiest moments, over a drink!!

Impress your friends



Convert a regular drink into a classy affair worth a thousand instagram likes with the copper mugs. Highly presentable, great in photos and even better on a table with friends. These mugs are a sure shot conversation starter.


 No nickel, tin, or other metals on copper mugs! Only pure copper to give your moscow mule the right taste.


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