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Classic Storage Cabinet by Cabidor


Simple, immediate and affordable storage solution, deluxe Storage Cabinet that features a full length exterior mirror.

All of the items you store are hidden from sight behind the facade of a finished cabinet. When you need your items they are easily accessible, yet neatly concealed when you don’t.


 Cabidor Classic Storage Cabinet


There are many locations in which to install a Cabidor, and an even greater number of items that can be stored within.

Superior Attachment Method

The Cabidor integrates with your door’s existing hinge hardware. Installation is quick, easy, and requires no metal fasteners. In other words, no drilling or nailing; just a simple process that adds instant storage without damaging your door. The hinge attachment also provides greater structural support than typical over-­the-door storage solutions.



Concealed, Yet Accessible

The Cabidor pivots seamlessly off of your hinges, just as your door does, and a metal striker plate and magnet keep the unit flush with the face of your door. As a result, you won’t notice a difference when opening and closing your door. All of your stored items remain neatly concealed within the cabinet, yet always within arm’s reach. Reclaim otherwise wasted space with ease.



Customizable Storage

Built to satisfy a variety of storage needs, each unit comes with adjustable retention rods and shelves (multiple adjustable, 2 fixed) with raised edges that ensure any stored items remain securely held in place. Have extra tall items? The adjustable shelves are removable, and the retention rods keep tall items secured. The hanging hardware is adjustable, spanning the entire length of the cabinet to accommodate varying hinge distances, and the cabinet is reversible for right or left hinged doors.



Quality Finishes & Materials

Typical over-­the-­door storage options are often unsightly, or purely utilitarian with little thought placed on aesthetic design. The Cabidor uses high quality materials, with finishes more consistent with high end cabinetry. High grade steel retention rods and an oil based enamel finish compliment your decor rather than detracting from it. High grade steel hanging hardware ensures a safe, stable installation.



Fast, Easy Installation

  • Measure the distance between the tops of your door hinges, and set the hanging hardware the same distance apart on the cabinet.
  • With the door closed and locked, remove and re­insert your door’s hinge pins one at a time through the Cabidor’s patented hardware.
  • Attach the metal striker plate to your door so that it is aligned with the cabinet magnet using the provided double sided adhesive tape (no screws required). Install shelves and retention rods as desired.


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