Cat Mod Climb Track by CatastrophiCreation


The Climb Track is the perfect full setup.This set is a great option for homes with multiple cats or one spoiled cat!


 CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Climb Track Handcrafted Wall Mounted Cat Tree Shelves


Captivating, durable and relocatable.Each piece is beautifully hand-crafted and space conscious. Build an engaging jungle gym for your feline friend and provide the gift of satisfaction and longevity.

Safe Space

Climb Track furniture allows cats to have their own territory that is up high enough for them to feel secure, far out of reach of any perceived danger.



Climbing Outlet of Climb Track

Cats have an instinctual need to climb and scratch. Provide your cat with a positive outlet for these instincts with our sisal-lined poles and posts.

Behavioral Solution

Wall-mounted cat furniture can help resolve behavioral and territorial issues in homes with multiple cats by giving them vertical space.



Modular System

The Cat Mod’s modular design allows for starting small and adding on in the future. With Cat Mod Climb Track interchangeable accessories, cat lovers can easily add items like food dishes and sisal poles to their sets.

Floating Design

Climb Track complexes appear to be floating on the wall, thanks to our patented Cat Mod bracket design. All of the mounting hardware is hidden from view, adding a sleek look to the complexes.



Gives cats an outlet for their climbing needs.


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