Meditation and Pregnancy


The goal of each meditation is the development of the full spiritual and physical potential, the meditator. Regular meditation will help us to live with less stress, better self-examination, concentration and inner calm …

The first experience with meditation should begin with stopping distraction and aiming to make your mind clearer, more calm and lucid.

This is achieved by meditation on breath. We will pick up a quiet place for meditation. We can rest on the back on a flat, comfortable backing, or relax in a seated position on the floor with crossed legs and flat backs or in any other comfortable position, for example on a chair. The most important thing to relax is to keep your back upright when sitting, in order to keep our minds from becoming sluggish.

Close your eyes and direct your attention to breathing. To relax, meditate always begin with deep breathing, as this helps to relax. Then, when you feel the body relaxes, breathe natural naturally through the nose without the desire to control breathing, become aware of the feeling that the air enters the nose and leaves it. This feeling is the object of our meditation. Try to concentrate on it, excluding everything else.

You will be tempted to follow the various thoughts that come across but should resist and stay focused on the sense of breath. If you exercise patiently, slowly and gradually your distracted thoughts will disappear and you will experience inner peace and deeper relaxation. In this state of mental rest, you should stay for some time. Your mind will be lucid and spacious and you will feel refreshed.

Although meditation is only breathing meditation, it can be very powerful. Your new experience is: The experience of inner peace and satisfaction can be achieved by the control of the mind, without any dependence on the outside world.

If you do meditation on the breath only 10 to 15 minutes a day, it will help you overcome the rush of everyday life, overcome stress, many problems can be looked at differently, will contribute to a good mood, which will naturally return …




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